I haven’t set any new Resolutions.  Probably because I don’t quite believe in them.  Every time I’ve set one in the past, it seemed I just another marker to forget, another rule to break.  I don’t like rules.

I also don’t like scales.  Since the beginning of last year, I set my mind to eating healthier and trying to exercise everyday — or at least several times a week.  I’ve lost a couple of dress sizes.  If I need to, I can break into a fast jaunt, jog, sprint even.  And not be breathless afterward.  Not once did I put my feet on a scale to measure my weight loss.  I don’t like scales.

So, no.. scales and resolutions .. these are forms of personal measurement I’ve had a track record of ignoring.  Over time, they “made me” feel bad about myself, so I actually did whatever I could to get rid of them .  I plotted out and schemed my way out of them while they squatted in the front recesses of my mind, provoking me at every turn.  “Can you really get rid of me?  You’ve lost.  You didn’t keep your word.  Worse, you put on weight, hurt your health instead of the opposite.  You failure.”

No.  No resolutions.

But –this doesn’t mean I don’t set goals.

I do set goals.  I let ideas stew in my mind for weeks and weeks to set goals.  I immerse myself in the steps of execution to set my goals.  In a way, I’m very brutal with what I allow into my realm of thinking as I prepare to  set my goals.  And in the end .. I just live the life of psyching myself out to set goals.

So far, this is worked a lot better than setting New Year’s Resolutions.

Here’s what I’ve psyched myself out for this year.  It’s been about 3 months coming:

  1. I got a personal planner.  I intend to pay more attention to what I’m doing daily — with the intention to set personal goals for myself AND FOLLOWING THROUGH.
    (– does this give you a hint as to why I don’t do Resolutions?  Yep.  Lack of follow through.  I know it.)
  2. I will write everyday.  Everyday.  Everyday, everyday, everyday.  And I shant be afraid to write what I want to write — if it’s soft, on teaching, violent, provoking, angry, loving, spiritual, wondering — I will write.
  3. I will blog.  In several places.   Just to learn to take risks.
  4. I will detach from things that hold me down.  Like, stuff.  Mental stuff, physical stuff, emotional stuff.  I’m too old for some stuff.
  5. I will write everyday.
  6. I will quit procrastinating.  Because I’m too old for some stuff.
  7. I will take more risks.
  8. I will be friendlier.  And love more people this year.
  9. I will remember who I am — because the rush of my job keeps me from remembering who I am.  And I need to take care of me.
  10. I will amend this list as needed.  And always pretend it’s the first-ish of the year.  🙂

Happy New Year.  🙂


8 thoughts on “No Thanks, New Year’s Resolutions

  1. From someone who is a strict rule-follower, even I can relate to never being able to uphold those pesky resolutions. 🙂 I love your list of goals for the new year and wish you luck, especially with your commitment to writing every day!

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    1. Maybe that’s my issue — rule-following forever. I’m still a rule-follower in the essentials. There just comes a time when we impose too much on ourselves — and we cloud our vision to where we have no vision.

      That’s what I’ve noticed about myself these past few months after noticing I was walking around like a zombie. Something needed to change!

      Thank you so much for your comment and your invitation to respond. I hope to see more of your writing as well! 🙂


  2. Those are excellent goals; I need to work on a few of them myself, especially #4, 7, & 8. You can combine a few because you can write in you blog every day, but you don’t have to post everything. Sometimes, when I’m having trouble with a post, I just leave it as a draft. I come back to some, though not all.

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