but, most importantly, because I put it down in my planner or my bullet journal or somesuch and I’ve been working very hard these past 6, 7 days (I did a warm-up before New Year’s) to begin this “Write Something, Write Anything” habit of mine.

9p was my bedtime.  I’m going to push it to 9:02 to see how much I can spill onto the screen.

For a long time, I had a block regarding typing online, typing in the computer, etc.  My issue had been trust, I know, because I had been a blogger before and I remember what that was like — took up gobs of time and major portions of my life just completely drifted into shadow as I obsessed about the next post.

Since that time, I can say I grew up.

I adhered to .. well, no writing for awhile.. then I found Notebooks.  Filled plenty of them for about 2 years..

Then for the past 6 months, I’ve been experiencing a dryspell, probably because of personal issues regarding my elderly parents and fightin’, combatin’ siblings.  Compartmentalizing is tough on the writer’s mind.  I couldn’t trust writing anything, anywhere, so I stayed away.

Since I “couldn’t” bring myself to open a single notebook and express, I wondered if my subconcious was working on switching me back to the computer screen.

Because once upon a time, I absolutely ADORED typing and composing and ruminating and exploring and figuring out and opinionating and storytelling and expressing through the tap-tap-tap of my fingers..

It’s 9:06.  Definitely past my bedtime!


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